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Poltys Direct Care Connect DCC™ wireless nurse call system is designed for the entire range of eldercare and senior living, sysetem that provides better workflow management, better care, happier residents, and decreased expenditures.
DCC speeds up the overall response time to resident calls by prioritizing the alarm notifications for proper caregiver response.
It allows caregivers to call back the resident instead of walking to him/ her room.

Flexible and Powerful
Healthcare Solution

More productive environment, while raising the quality of resident care.
Residents feel safer and more connected.
Benefit from enhanced workflow that improves efficiency and job satisfaction.
Experience higher occupancy, more efficient staff allocation, and lower I.T. costs.
Efficiency at the push of a button. Streamlined technology that improves resident care. Secure and reliable communication for caregivers.

DCare EX for
Google Android Devices

DCare EX is the mobile application that receives text alarms using Caregiver smartphone device.

Alarm Notifications
by Voice Calls

Send voice alarm notifications by placing calls to any regular Desktop/ DECT Phone. Specific call management logic applies for each context.
After the alarm is dispatched, the phone rings.
Once the call is answered by Caregiver, DCC EX plays by
Text-to-Speech with full details of the alarm that has been occurred.

Caregivers can respond to alarm notification by voice keywords or by touchtone keypad, e.g. saying “Yes” or pressing “1” for accepting the alarm or by saying “Call” or pressing “3” for calling the resident by phone for two-way audio conversation.

Voice Control by
Placing Calls to any Device

Provide Text-to-speech and Voice recognition/ Touchtone Keypad features to let Caregivers to carry-out certain tasks. Caregiver can dial a predefined IVR extension when possible (e.g. not in an Alarm Notification call or other calls), to perform a specific task.

Automatically respond the Caregiver call an lets her/ him to select the desired option by predefined menus, according to the current operation context. Caregiver can use speech commands or touchtone keypad to select the command options.

with Panasonic Communication Devices

Poltys DCC and Panasonic communication devices act as full communication platform for Healthcare.
DCC can be used in comprehensive healthcare deployments alongside with
Panasonic communication devices..


DCC wireless pendants, pull cords, bed stations, digital I/O lines,
call lights and other wireless sensors can cover virtually any healthcare community requirements.
Also, DCC integrates with multiple industry-standard
Nurse Call Systems and Fire Panels.

Enhance alerting communication for resident safety

Unawareness in the care businesses shall be wiped out because the lack
of information or multiple interruptions in the working flow can impend lives, and it matters.
Now there is a modern alerting system that integrates with the existing alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring,
alerting and reporting on single one powerful program.
The important information is retrieved, processed, surveyed and delivered to the right care/ security staff
so that they can address the incident suitably.

Group Media Notification

Real-time emergency alerts and other announcements deliver to the desired alerted group of devices
Reminder notifications
Multiple alerted devices for each person

Environmental Monitoring

Temperature monitoring and logging
Water leak and humidity detection
Other Several sensor integrations

Resident Security

Live video streaming from integrated surveillance cameras delivered to Supervisor Console and DCare mobile devices
Integrate with building automation systems (i.e. Fire Panels, BACNet Systems, etc.)

Get ready to explore the Poltys DCC Nurse Call System!

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Download now the Poltys DCare EX mobile application from Google Play Store.

Direct Care Connect DCC™

DCC provides support of multiple wireless/ wired devices, ranging from resident pendants,
pull cords, bed stations, fall prevention monitors, call lights, and DECT devices, wireless specialized transmitters, to Special Devices for residents with disabilities, and more.

Alerted Devices

Mobile DCare™


Voice Callback
to Resident Room

Communication Devices

LED Corridor Signs


Public and Room

Resident Check-in
by Automatic Phone Calls

Hardwired IP Digital
Output Automation


Call Lights

Hardwired Digital Output

Alarm Generating Devices


Bed Stations

Pull Cords

Motion Detectors

Bed/ Chair Sensors


Nurse Call System

Fire Panel

Wandering Control System

Call Box

Hardwired Digital Input

Special Devices
for Disabilities

Direct Care Connect DCC™

DCC flexibility provides caregiving facilities with multiple opportunities to increase their level of care and adaption to any workflow condition.

DCC Campus

Flexible Facility

Nurse Call Systems, Fire Panels & Digital I/O Automation

Case Study - Masterpiece Retirement Group

Learn how Masterpiece Retirement group in Canada
opening their Medicine Hat location for residents on time using Poltys healthcare technologies

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  • April 2008

    DCC Story Begins

    Direct Care Connect DCC™ is released for
    general availability to Canadian market.

    DCC integrates with Panasonic PBXs and
    Portable Stations.

    Panasonic Canada Inc. (PCI) is the regional distributor for Canada.

  • November 2008

    DCC for Canadian French Territories

    The DCC version for French Canadian regions is released.

    PCI starts to distribute it over the French territories in Canada.

  • September 2014

    UK Market on Focus

    DCC version for UK market is released for general availability.

    Nursing home protocols such as ESPA, APR, Quantec, MCD, Protek, Intercall, and Medicare are supported.

  • July 2015

    DCC Extends to Mobile Devices

    DCare™ Messenger, the mobile application and service part of DCC, is released for general availability.

    The classical nurse call personal pagers and walkie-talkies are replaced by DCare™ Messenger running on normal or ruggedized mobile devices.

    DCare™ ™ Messenger works over WiFi, UMTS and LTE cellular networks and provides more mobility and communication flexibility to caregivers while assisting their residents.

  • April 2017 and 2018

    Together We Care

    Poltys participated at Together We Care in Toronto, Canada, and presented the new DCC enhancements and technologies that provide better workflow management, better care, happier residents, and decreased expenditures.

    Together We Care is the Canada’s largest gathering of long-term care and retirement home professionals.

  • April 2019

    Together We Care

    Poltys and Panasonic Canada presented their integrated nurse call solution at Together We Care 2019, Ontario, Canada.
    This year’s event promises to be better than ever with exceptional keynote speakers and a broad range of education sessions designed to both challenge and inform delegates.

    Together We Care is the Canada’s largest gathering of long-term care and retirement home professionals.


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